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necessary to constitute a quorum. This rule shall be applied mutatis mutandis to optional programmes. Council decisions in respect of urgent matters may be secured by means of a written procedure in the interval between Council meetings.

'Article 6 ■ ;

Article. 6 of the Convention isi amended as follows:

The word «Director» is replaced by <> in the tide of the article and in paragraphs 1, 2 and 3;

In paragraph 2, a new sub-paragraph d) is inserted. -Consequently, sub-paragraphs d) to 0 become e) to J): Sub-paragraph g) is' amended to read «budgets» instead of budget.

Article 6

.' . . Director-General.

1 —The Director-General [...] y, . 2 — The Director ^General [...]:■

d) Implement decisions of the Council regarding 'the; financing of EUMETSAT; '

h) Prepare and implement the budgets of EUMETSAT [...] implementation of the budgets [...]

3 — The Director-General [...] .. ,

' ' ' • ■ «

Article 7

Article 7 of the Convention is amended as follows:

In paragraph 1, the word «clause» is replaced by the

word «article»; In paragraph 4, the reference to article 5.2, b), is

replaced by a reference to article 5.2, e); in addition,

in paragraphs 4 and 5^ the word «Director» is

replaced by «Director-General».

Article 8

A new article 8 is inserted. Consequently, all the following articles'are shifted accordingly. '

Article 8

Ownership and distribution of satellite data

1 — EUMETSAT shall have worldwide exclusive ownership of all data generated by EUMETSAT's satellites or instruments.

2 — EUMETSAT shall make available sets of data agreed by the Council to the national meteorological services of Member States of the World Meteorological Organization.

3—The distribution policy regarding, satellite data shall be decided in accordance with the rules laid down in article 5.2, b), for mandatory programmes and 5.3, b), for optional programmes. EUMETSAT, through the Secretariat, and the Member States shall be responsible for the implementation of this policy.

Article 9

. Article 8 of the Convention becomes article 9 and it is amended as follows:

In paragraph 2,' the reference to annex i to this Convention is deleted. Consequently, paragraph 2 ends' after'«the services provided*.

i Article 10

Article 9 of the Convention becomes article 10 and it is amended as follows: t

, Paragraphs 1, 3 and 4 are deleted; , Paragraphs 2 becomes paragraph 1; New paragraphs 2 to 7 are inserted; Paragraphs 5 and, 6 become paragraphs 8 and 9.

2~- Each Member State shall pay to EUMETSAT an annual contribution to the General Budget and to the mandatory programmes (except for MOP) on the basis of the average Gross National Product (GNP) of each Member State for the three latest years for which statistics are available.

'The update of the statistics shall be made every three years.' -

For MOP, each Member State shall pay to EUMETSAT an annual contribution on the basis of the scale contained in annex n.

f3 —r- Member States are bound to pay their contributions to mandatory programmes (except MOP) up to a maximum of 110% if a decision is taken ' according to article 5.2, c),"ii). ' -1 • : 4 — For optional programmes, each participating Member State shall pay to EUMETSAT an annual contribution on the basis of the scale agreed for the programme.

5 — In the case an optional programme is not fully subscribed within one year after the date at which it has taken effect in accordance with article 3.2 the existing participants are bound to accept a new scale of contributions whereby the deficit is distributed pro rata, unless they agree unanimously on a different solution.

6 — All contributions shall be made in European Currency Units (ECU) as defined by the European Communities. For MOP contributions may also be made in any convertible currency.

7 — The methods of payment of the contributions, and the methods of updating the statistics for GNP, shall'be determined in the Financial Rules.

Article 11

Article 10 of the Convention becomes article 11 and it is amended'as follows:

The title is replaced by «Budgets»; Paragraph 1 is replaced by the following: «Budgets •• j shall be established in terms of ECU». (." In paragraph 3, the words «annual budget» are replaced

by «budgets»; Paragraph 4 is replaced by the following:

4 — The Council shall, in conformity with article 5.2, b) and c), adopt the budget for MOP, . the Genera] Budget and the budgets for mandatory