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75 | II Série A - Número: 103 | 29 de Abril de 2014

telecommunications regulations binding upon the Portuguese Republic, as well as Portuguese telecommunications laws and regulations. An Allied Headquarters shall be exempt from this provision to the extent that such exemption is granted to the Portuguese Armed Forces.
7. All Allied Headquarters shall be entitled to send and receive messages and data in cipher. Article 23 Policing on and off premises

1. In accordance with the Agreement, Article VII, paragraph 10, and the Protocol, Article 4, paragraph b., an Allied Headquarters shall have the right to police any premises occupied by it. The security staff of an Allied Headquarters may take all appropriate measures to ensure the maintenance of order, discipline and security on such premises. The Portuguese Republic shall render assistance by military and/or civilian police to the Head of an Allied Headquarters or the designated representative, when so requested. 2. The exercise of the police powers for events outside an Allied Headquarters shall be the responsibility of the Portuguese authorities. Outside an Allied Headquarters premises, the Headquarters international security staffs shall only be employed in the circumstances and under the conditions specified in the Agreement. 3. Subsequent to the Agreement, Article VII, paragraph 5 (b), and the Protocol, Article 4, the Head of an Allied Headquarters or designated representative shall be promptly notified of the arrest or other detention of any member or their dependents. 4. Writs, fines, and summons issued against members of an Allied Headquarters may be served through the Head of an Allied Headquarters to which they are attached.

Article 24 Security and force protection

1. In accordance with NATO Security Policy and NATO Force Protection Policy, the Portuguese Republic is responsible for all aspects of force protection, including risk assessment, planning, provision and implementation, according to Portuguese national standards for an equivalent entity (headquarters, individual, group, etc.), in the following scenarios:

a. Perimeter protection of an Allied Headquarters.
b. Protection of VIPs and meetings organised by an Allied Headquarters, but held outside of the premises of that Allied Headquarters, upon request and subject to risk assessment.

2. The Portuguese Republic and an Allied Headquarters shall exchange information concerning both force protection and security threats.
3. An Allied Headquarters shall not conduct security or force protection activities outside the Allied Headquarters premises, unless arrangements have previously been concluded with the appropriate Portuguese authorities.

Article 25 Arms

1. Pursuant to the Agreement, Article VI, an Allied Headquarters shall make arrangements with the appropriate Portuguese authorities regarding the transportation and storage of arms and ammunition. In line with such arrangements, an Allied Headquarters shall promulgate internal regulations, in accordance with sending State and Portuguese regulations concerning the custody and movement of military arms and ammunition in their custody or possession, to ensure that no member of an Allied Headquarters shall gain possession or carry arms unless authorised to do so.
2. Portuguese law shall apply to the possession, disposal and carriage of privately owned arms and ammunition.

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