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3 — Each Party shall encourage consultations between its responsible charging bodies and the designated airlines using the facilities and services. Where practicable, such consultations should be through the appropriate representative airline organization.

4 — Each Party shall encourage the competent charging authorities or bodies and the airlines to exchange such information as may be necessary to permit an accurate review of the reasonableness of the charges in accordance with the principles enunciated in paragraphs 1 and 2 of this Article. Each Party shall encourage the competent charging authorities to provide users with reasonable notice of any proposal for changes in user charges to enable users to express their views before changes are made.

Article 13

Conversion and transfer of revenues

1 — Each Party grants to the designated airlines of the other Party the right of free transfer at the official rate of currency exchange, of revenues tax exempted and of the excess of receipts over expenditures achieved in connection with the carriage of passengers, baggage, cargo and mail on the agreed services in its territory, and in accordance with the applicable domestic law in the territory of the Party from which the transfer is made.

2 — For the purpose of this Article, the applicable domestic law of the Portuguese Republic includes all measures taken by the European Union.

Article 14

Principles governing operation of agreed services

1 — The capacity to be provided by the designated airlines of each Contracting Party shall bear a relationship to the requirements of the public for transportation on the agreed routes and shall have as its primary objective the provision, at a reasonable load factor, of capacity adequate to meet the cur-rent and reasonably anticipated requirements for the carriage of passengers baggage, cargo and mail originating from or destined for the territory of the Contracting Party which has designated the airlines.

2 — Any provision by the designated airlines for the carriage of traffic to be uplifted from or discharged at points on the specified routes in the territories of third States, shall be made in accor-dance with the general principles that capacity shall be related to:

a) Traffic requirements to and from the territory of the Contracting Party which has designated the airlines;

b) Traffic requirements of the area through which the agreed services pass, after taking account of other transport services established by the airlines of the States comprising the area; and

c) The requirements of through airline operation.

3 — The capacity and frequency of services to be operated by the designated airlines of each Contracting Party shall be subject to predetermination jointly done by the Aeronautical Authorities of both Contracting Parties on the basis of the principles enshrined in this Article.

4 — In order to meet seasonal fluctuations or unexpected traffic demands of a temporary na-ture, the designated airline(s) of one Contracting Party shall submit the necessary application to the Aeronautical Authority of the other Contracting Party for approval.

Article 15

Fair competition

1 — Each Party shall, in conformity with its legislation and procedures, allow a fair and equal opportunity for the designated airlines of the other Party to compete in providing the international air transportation governed by this Agreement.

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