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2 — Each Party shall, where necessary, take all appropriate action within its jurisdiction to eli-minate all forms of discrimination or unfair competitive practices adversely affecting the competitive position of the designated airlines of the other Contracting Party.

3 — Neither Party shall allow its designated airline or airlines, either in conjunction with any other airline or airlines or separately, to abuse market power in a way which has or is likely or intended to have the effect of severely weakening a competitor or excluding a competitor from a route.

4 — If one Party has substantiated concerns that its designated airlines are being subjected to discrimination or unfair practices, or that support being considered or provided by the other Party would adversely affect or is adversely affecting the fair and equal opportunity of the airlines of the first Party to compete in providing international air transportation, it may request consultations and notify the other Party of the reasons for its dissatisfaction. These consultations shall be held not later than 30 days after receipt of the request. If the situation is not resolved the Party that requested consultations will take appropriate action including those referred to in Article 5.

Article 16

Approval of timetables

1 — A designated airline of a Party shall submit to the Aeronautical Authorities of the other Party for its approval, thirty (30) days in advance the timetable of its intended services, specifying the points to be served, the frequency, the type of aircraft, configuration and number of seats to be made available to the public.

2 — Any subsequent changes to the approved timetables of a designated airline shall be submitted to the Aeronautical Authorities of the other Party for its approval.

3 — If a designated airline wishes to operate flights supplementary to those covered in the approved timetables, it shall obtain prior permission of the Aeronautical Authorities concerned.

4 — The approval of timetables or changes thereto submitted by a designated airline, or au-thorization for supplementary flights, shall not be refused by a Party without a valid reason.

Article 17


1 — The tariffs to be charged by the designated airlines of each Party for the international car-riage in the services provided under this Agreement shall be freely established at reasonable levels, due regard being paid to all relevant factors, including the cost of operations, the characteristics of the service, the interest of users, a reasonable profit and other market consideration.

2 — Each Party may require notification to or filing with its Aeronautical Authorities of tariffs to be charged to or from its territory by designated airlines of the other Party. Notification of filing by the designated airlines of either Parties may be required no more than thirty (30) working days before the proposed date of effectiveness. In individual cases, notification or filing may be permitted on shorter notice than normally required. Neither Party shall require the notification nor filing by airlines of the other Party of tariffs charged by charterers to the public, except as be required in a non -discriminatory basis for information purposes.

3 — Without prejudice of the applicable competition and consumer protection law prevailing in each Party, neither Party shall take unilateral action to prevent the inauguration or continuation of an effective tariff proposed to be charged or charged by a designated airline of the other Party for international air transportation in the services provided under this Agreement. Intervention by the Parties shall be limited to:

a) Prevention of unreasonably discriminatory prices or practices;b) Protection of consumers from prices that are unreasonably high or restrictive due to abuse

of a dominant position;

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