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c) Protection of airlines from prices that are artificially low due to direct or indirect subsidy or support; and

d) Protection of airlines from prices that are artificially low, where evidence exists as to an intent to eliminate competition.

4 — Without prejudice to the previous paragraph 3 of this Article, the Aeronautical Authorities of either Party may expressly approve the tariffs filed by the designated airlines. Where such aero-nautical authorities find that a certain tariff falls within the categories set forth in paragraph 3a), 3b), 3c) and 3d), they shall send reasoned notification of its dissatisfaction to the aeronautical authorities of the other Party and to the concerned airline as soon as possible, and in no event later than thirty (30) working days after the date of filing of the tariff in question and may request consultations. If the other Party/airline accepts the contention, the tariff shall be withdrawn forthwith. Otherwise the consultation requested by the first Party shall be within thirty (30) working days of the request and both Parties shall endeavour to reach a satisfactory resolution. Unless both Aeronautical Authorities have agreed to disapprove a tariff, the tariff shall be treated as having been approved and shall continue to be in effect.

Article 18


The Aeronautical Authorities of either Party, or their designated airlines, may be required to supply to the Aeronautical Authorities of the other Party, the information and statistics as may be reasonably required for information purposes.

Article 19

Representation and personnel/commercial activities

1 — The designated airlines or airlines of each Party shall have the right, on the basis of re-ciprocity, to establish offices in the territory of the other Party, for the purpose of promotion of air transportation and sale of air tickets as well as, in accordance with the legislation of such other Party, other facilities required for the provision of air transportation.

2 — The designated airline or airlines of each Party shall be authorized, on a reciprocal basis, to bring in and maintain in the territory of the other Party managerial, operational, sale, technical and other specialist staff required for the operation of the agreed services. The required personnel of the designated airline or airlines shall be granted, on a reciprocal basis, the authorization for access to the airport(s) where services are operated and to areas connected with the aircraft, the crew, the passengers and the cargo.

3 — Subject to the laws, regulations and procedures of each Party including, in the case of the Portuguese Republic, European Union law, each designated airline shall have in the territory of the other Party the right to perform its own ground handling (“self -handling”) or, at its option, the right to select among competing suppliers that provide ground handling services in whole or in part. Where such laws and regulations limit or preclude self -handling and where there is no effective competition between suppliers that provide ground handling services, each designated airline shall be treated on a non -discriminatory basis as regards their access to self -handling and ground handling services provided by a supplier or suppliers.

4 — Each Party shall grant to the designated airline(s) of the other Party the right to engage in the sale of their documents for air transportation in its territory directly or at the airlines’ discretion, through its agents. Each designated airline shall have the right to sell such transportation in the local currency or in freely convertible foreign currency. Any designated airline of a Party shall have the right to pay for local expenses in the territory of the other Party in local currency, or in freely convertible foreign currency, provided it complies with local currency regulations.

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