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16 DE JUNHO DE 2016 3

Chapter I


Article 1 Purpose

1. The purpose of the Bank shall be to: (i) foster sustainable economic development, create wealth and

improve infrastructure connectivity in Asia by investing in infrastructure and other productive sectors; and (ii)

promote regional cooperation and partnership in addressing development challenges by working in close

collaboration with other multilateral and bilateral development institutions.

2. Wherever used in this Agreement, references to “Asia” and “region” shall include the geographical regions

and composition classified as Asia and Oceania by the United Nations, except as otherwise decided by the Board

of Governors.

Article 2 Functions

To implement its purpose, the Bank shall have the following functions:

(i) to promote investment in the region of public and private capital for development purposes, in particular

for development of infrastructure and other productive sectors;

(ii) to utilize the resources at its disposal for financing such development in the region, including those

projects and programs which will contribute most effectively to the harmonious economic growth of the region

as a whole and having special regard to the needs of less developed members in the region;

(iii) to encourage private investment in projects, enterprises and activities contributing to economic

development in the region, in particular in infrastructure and other productive sectors, and to supplement

private investment when private capital is not available on reasonable terms and conditions; and

(iv) to undertake such other activities and provide such other services as may further these functions.

Article 3 Membership

1. Membership in the Bank shall be open tomembers of the International Bank for Reconstruction and

Development or the Asian Development Bank:

(a) Regional members shall be those members listed in Part A of Schedule A and other members included in

the Asia region in accordance with paragraph 2 of Article 1. All other members shall be non-regional members.

(b) Founding Members shall be those members listed in Schedule A which, on or before the date specified in

Article 57, shall have signed this Agreement and shall have fulfilled all other conditions of membership before the

final date specified under paragraph 1 of Article 58.

2. Members of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development or the Asian Development Bank

which do not become members in accordance with Article 58 may be admitted, under such terms and conditions

as the Bank shall determine, to membership in the Bank by a Special Majority vote of the Board of Governors as

provided in Article 28.

3. In the case of an applicant which is not sovereign or not responsible for the conduct of its international

relations, application for membership in the Bank shall be presented or agreed by the member of the Bank

responsible for its international relations.



Article 4 Authorized Capital

1. The authorized capital stock of the Bank shall be one hundred billion United States dollars

($100,000,000,000), divided into one million (1,000,000) shares having a par value of 100,000 dollars ($100,000)

each, which shall be available for subscription only by members in accordance with the provisions of Article 5.

2. The original authorized capital stock shall be divided into paid-in shares and callable shares. Shares

having an aggregate par value of twenty billion dollars ($20,000,000,000) shall be paid-in shares, and shares

having an aggregate par value of eighty billion dollars ($80,000,000,000) shall be callable.