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representative of that designated airline, the other Party shall be free to infer that serious concerns

of the type referred to in paragraph 4 of this Article arise and draw the conclusions referred in that


6. Each Party reserves the right to immediately suspend or vary the operating authorization of a

designated airline of the other Party in the event the first Party concludes, whether as a result of

a ramp inspection, a series of ramp inspections, a denial of access for ramp inspection,

consultation or otherwise, that immediate action is essential to the safety of the airline operation.

7. Any action by one Party in accordance with paragraphs 2 or 6 of this Article shall be

discontinued once the basis for the taking of that action ceases to exist.

8. With reference to paragraph 2 of this Article, if it is determined that one Party remains in non-

compliance with the standards established at that time pursuant to the Convention when the

agreed time period has lapsed, the Secretary-General of the International Civil Aviation

Organization should be advised thereof. The Secretary-General should also be advised of the

subsequent satisfactory resolution of the situation.

9. Where the Portuguese Republic has designated an airline whose regulatory control is

exercised and maintained by another European Union Member State, the rights of the Republic

of Korea under this Article shall apply equally in respect of the adoption, exercise or maintenance

of safety standards by that European Union Member State and in respect of the operating

authorization of that airline.



1. Consistent with their rights and obligations under international law, the Parties reaffirm that

their obligation to each other to protect the security of civil aviation against acts of unlawful

interference forms an integral part of this Agreement. Without limiting the generality of their rights

and obligations under international law, the Parties shall in particular act in conformity with the

provisions of:

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