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4. If and so long as either Party or any designated airline of either Party fails to comply with a

decision given under paragraph 2 of this Article, the other Party may limit, suspend or revoke any

rights or privileges which it has granted by virtue of this Agreement.

5. Each Party shall pay the expenses of the arbitrator it has nominated. The remaining expenses

of the arbitral tribunal shall be shared equally by the Parties.



1. If either Party considers it desirable to amend any provision of this Agreement, it may at any

time request consultations with the other Party in accordance with Article 18 of this Agreement.

2. If the Parties agree on the amendment, the agreed amendment shall enter into force in

accordance with the provisions of Article 24 of this Agreement.



1. This Agreement shall remain in force for an undetermined period until superseded by mutual

agreement of the Parties or terminated by either Party in accordance with paragraph 2 of this


2. Either Party may, at any time, give notice in writing, through diplomatic channels, to the other

Party of its decision to terminate this Agreement.

3. The termination must be notified to the other Party and, simultaneously, to the International

Civil Aviation Organization, and shall take effect twelve (12) months after the receipt of the

notification by the other Party, unless the notice is withdrawn by mutual agreement before the

expiry of this period.

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