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GMDSS services.

(2) The Organization, through existing international and national mechanisms dealing with technical

assistance, should seek to assist Providers in their effort to ensure that all areas, where there is a need, are

provided with mobile satellite communications services, giving due consideration to the rural and remote areas.

A new Article 7 – LRIT Services Agreements – is inserted, as follows:

Article 7

LRIT Services Agreements

In order to perform its LRIT Co-ordinator functions and duties, including recovery of the costs incurred, the

Organization may enter into contractual relationships, including LRIT Services Agreements, with LRIT Data

Centres, LRIT Data Exchanges, or other relevant entities, on such terms and conditions as may be negotiated

by the Director General, subject to oversight by the Assembly.

Article 5 – Structure – is renumbered Article 8 and sub-paragraph (b) thereof is replaced by the

following text:

(b) A Directorate, headed by a Director General.

Article 6 – Assembly – Composition and Meetings – is renumbered Article 9 and paragraph (2)

thereof is replaced by the following text:

(2) Regular sessions of the Assembly shall be held once every two years. Extraordinary sessions shall be

convened upon the request of one-third of the Parties or upon the request of the Director General, or as may be

provided for in the Rules of Procedure for the Assembly.

Article 7 – Assembly – Procedure – is renumbered Article 10 and paragraph (4) thereof is replaced

by the following text:

(4) A quorum for any meeting of the Assembly shall consist of a simple majority of the Parties.

Article 8 – Assembly – Functions – is renumbered Article 11 and sub-paragraphs (a), (b), (d) and (e)

thereof are replaced by the following text:

The functions of the Assembly shall be:

(a) to consider and review the purposes, general policy and long term objectives of the Organization and the

activities of the Providers which relate to the primary purpose;

(b) to take any steps or procedures necessary to ensure that each Provider carries out its obligation of

providing maritime mobile satellite communications services for the GMDSS, including approval of the

conclusion, modification and termination of Public Services Agreements;

(d) to decide upon any amendment to this Convention pursuant to Article 20 thereof;

(e) to appoint a Director General under Article 12 and to remove the Director General;

The following new sub-paragraphs (f), (g) and (h) are included:

(f) to endorse the budget proposals of the Director General, and to establish procedures for the review and

approval of the budget;

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