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(d) the implementation of measures taken by the Organization in accordance with Article 4 in its role as LRIT


(2) The costs defined in paragraph (1) shall be apportioned between all Providers and among entities with

which the Organization has entered into LRIT Services Agreements and/or contracts, as appropriate, according

to rules set up by the Assembly.

(3) No Party shall be obligated to pay for any costs associated with the performance by the Organization of

the functions and duties of LRIT Co-ordinator by reason of its status as a Party to this Convention.

(4) Each Party shall meet its own costs of representation at Assembly sessions and meetings of its subsidiary


Article 11 – Liability – is renumbered Article 14 and is replaced by the following text:

Article 14


Parties are not, in their capacity as such, liable for the acts and obligations of the Organization or the Providers,

except in relation to non-Parties or natural or juridical persons they might represent in so far as such liability may

follow from treaties in force between the Party and the non-Party concerned. However, the foregoing does not

preclude a Party which has been required to pay compensation under such a treaty to a non-Party or to a natural

or juridical person it might represent from invoking any rights it may have under that treaty against any other


Article 12 – Legal Personality – is renumbered Article 15

Article 13 – Relationship with other International Organizations – is renumbered Article 16

Article 14 – Withdrawal – is renumbered Article 21

Article 15 – Settlement of Disputes – is renumbered Article 17

Article 16 – Consent to be Bound – is renumbered Article 18

Article 17 – Entry into Force – is renumbered Article 19 and paragraph (1) thereof is amended as


(1) This Convention shall enter into force sixty days after the date on which States representing 95 percent of

the initial investment shares have become Parties to the Convention.

Article 18 – Amendments – is renumbered Article 20 and paragraph (1) thereof is replaced by the

following text:

(1) An amendment to this Convention may be proposed by any Party. The proposed amendment shall be

circulated by the Director General to all Parties and to Observers. The Assembly shall consider the proposed

amendment not earlier than six months thereafter. This period may in any particular case be reduced by up to

three months by a substantive decision of the Assembly. Providers and Observers shall have the right to provide

comments and input to Parties concerning the proposed amendment.

Article 19 – Depositary – is renumbered Article 22 and paragraph (1) thereof is replaced by the

following text:

(1) The Depositary of this Convention shall be the Secretary-General of IMO.

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