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24 | II Série A - Número: 091S2 | 2 de Abril de 2014

a) Assurance of the appropriate conditions for joint research, development, production and modernisation of spare parts, tools, defence materials, military systems, technical displays and technical equipment required by the Armed Forces of the Parties; b) Implementation of the results of joint research, development and production projects in the field of the military equipment on the territories of the Parties; c) Research, production and design in the field of defence industry goods and services; d) Mutual assistance in the fields of production and procurement of defence industry products and services as well as the modernisation of tools and equipments of both Parties; e) Encouraging the conclusion of agreements between relevant departments of the Parties with the aim of joint production and further development of weapons, military technical equipment and their parts; f) Sales of finished goods produced through joint projects to Third Parties by mutual agreement and taking into account the national sensitivities of the Parties and their obligations deriving from international law and regulations; g) Joint co-operation in selling, purchasing or exchange with other products and services of surplus defence industry products and services in the inventory of the Armed Forces of both Parties; h) Encouragement of contacts, technical visits to research centres and personnel exchanges between institutions, companies and industries related to defence of the Parties; i) Acquisition by the Parties of the military and defence equipment manufactured or developed jointly in the territory of either Party; j) Providing the conditions for joint programs of production, development, technology and modernisation related to the defence industry products of both Parties, and if agreed upon, the defence industry products of the Third Parties; k) Implementation of joint research and development projects based on scientific resources in the field of defence industry for the purpose of producing equipments jointly or similarly required by both Parties and conducting these activities within the scope of a Memorandum of Understanding on cooperation in the field of Defence Research, Development and Technology to be signed between the Parties; l) Encouraging the conclusion of agreements between the Parties on joint production and development for Third Parties; m) Encouragement of conclusion of agreements between the Parties on procurement and production of defence industry products within the framework of this Agreement; n) Co-operation between military technical institutions, defence industry companies and maintenance and repair facilities, under the authority of the Parties; o) Mutual participation in the defence industry fairs and symposia organized by both Parties.


1. The enforcement and details of implementation of this Agreement shall be defined through complementary and implementation agreements, memoranda of understanding, protocols and