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29 | II Série A - Número: 091S2 | 2 de Abril de 2014

2. The Sending State’s military personnel shall wear its own uniform in its place of duty.
3. The Receiving State shall make necessary efforts to provide the equipment required for carrying out activities defined in this Agreement, where necessary.


1. The Sending State shall be liable for the salary, lodging, catering, transportation, per diem and other financial rights of the Guest Personnel assigned for the implementation of co-operation activities under this Agreement.
2. The Receiving State shall decide whether the activities are organized free of charge or at current or reduced charges.
3. The Guest Personnel shall clear their own debts and those of their Dependants when they leave the Receiving State permanently. In case of an emergency withdrawal, the debts of the Guest Personnel and those of their Dependants shall be paid by the Sending State in Euro at the exchange rate used at the date of payment according to the invoice issued by the Receiving State.
4. The Guest Personnel and their Dependants shall be subject to the tax laws prevailing in the Receiving State during their entry, stay and departure.


1. The Sending State reserves the right to recall its personnel when deemed necessary. The Receiving State shall adopt all the measures for the return of the personnel as soon as the request is received.
2. In case a Guest Personnel or a Dependant dies, the Receiving State shall inform the Sending State, transport the body to the nearest international airport within its territory and adopt appropriate health protection measures until the delivery thereof.


1. Each Party shall compensate the other Party for a damage caused to the latter’s property resulting from acts of the Guest Personnel, while performing their duties.
2. The laws of the Receiving State shall apply to the settlement of claims for compensation of losses or damages caused intentionally or by negligence to the properties of the Receiving State and the Third Parties.
3. Unless resulted from wilful misconduct or negligence, each Party shall waive all its claims against the other Party for injury or death suffered by any Guest Personnel of its services while such personnel were engaged in the performance of their Official Duties.