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28 | II Série A - Número: 091S2 | 2 de Abril de 2014

5. Both Parties shall take all the necessary measures for the protection of the Classified Information generated or transferred following the mutual co-operation in compliance with their national laws and this Agreement and shall also ensure, at least, the same protection for such information as stipulated for their own Classified Information with an equivalent level of security.
6. Classified Information will be transmitted between the Parties through diplomatic channels or through other channels agreed by the competent security authorities of the Parties.
7. In case of an actual or suspected compromise of the Classified Information or the disclosure of such information to an unauthorized person, the Party where the breach or disclosure occurs or may have occurred shall take all the necessary measures in accordance with its national laws and regulations and shall immediately inform the other Party of this situation as well as of the measures taken and their outcome.


NATO Quality Assurance Publications, standards, methods and procedures shall be adopted, unless otherwise agreed and signed by the Parties on a separate agreement. ARTICLE XII LEGAL ISSUES

1. Guest Personnel and their Dependants shall be subject to the existing laws and regulations of the Receiving State during their presence in the territory of the Receiving State including their entry, stay and departure.
2. Criminal jurisdiction authority shall belong to the Receiving State.
3. In case that any of the Guest Personnel or their Dependants is detained or arrested, the Receiving State shall promptly inform the Sending State of this situation.
4. In case that any of the Guest Personnel or their Dependants faces a legal investigation or trial in the Receiving State, he or she shall be entitled to all the generally accepted legal protection, which shall be no less than the one enjoyed by the nationals of the Receiving State.
5. The activities of the Guest Personnel could be terminated if they violate the law of the Receiving State.
6. The Sending State shall retain exclusive disciplinary jurisdiction over the Guest Personnel within the territory of the Receiving State. However, the Receiving State may give order to the Guest Personnel under their command as they may be required by the duty.


1. No mission shall be assigned to the Guest Personnel other than the ones specified in this Agreement or to be stated in the complementary and implementation agreements, memoranda of understanding, protocols and arrangements to be signed in accordance with this Agreement.