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73 | II Série A - Número: 103 | 29 de Abril de 2014

3. Transportation of munitions, heavy goods and hazardous materials shall be in accordance with the standards and regulations applicable to the Portuguese Armed Forces and shall take due account of international agreements in force in the Portuguese Republic as well as relevant NATO Standardisation Agreements and guidance. 4. For construction and engineering works undertaken by an Allied Headquarters, the concerned Headquarters shall as a minimum set environmental, construction and engineering (to include health and safety) standards comparable to the standards, rules and regulations applicable to the Portuguese Armed Forces. Without prejudice to the obligations relating to the employment of a local workforce under the Agreement, Article IX, paragraph 4, an Allied Headquarters shall endeavour to comply with Portuguese occupational health and safety regulations to the extent possible, and, where this is legally, operationally, or otherwise technically impossible, the Portuguese authorities and the Allied Headquarters shall, without delay, agree on other means to achieve the desired protections.
5. Where Portuguese law prohibits the importation of certain articles, such articles may, with the approval of the Portuguese Republic, be imported by an Allied Headquarters. An Allied Headquarters and the Portuguese Republic shall agree on categories of articles, the import of which is approved by the Portuguese Republic under this provision.
6. The appropriate Portuguese authorities shall provide assistance to examine the compatibility of Allied Headquarters activities with Portuguese environmental laws and regulations as well as guidance and information on the regulations, standards, mentioned above, and shall advise an Allied Headquarters when Portuguese standards exceed those established by the applicable international conventions. The Portuguese standards referred to above shall be provided to an Allied Headquarters by the concerned Portuguese authorities.
7. In the event of a public health emergency, the competent Portuguese authorities shall act in accordance with the Portuguese laws and international commitments and shall be granted access to the premises of an Allied Headquarters, in accordance with Article 5 of the present Supplementary Agreement.
8. All environmental duties, taxes, fees, and charges shall be resolved as laid down by Article 17 of this Supplementary Agreement.

Article 19 Public hygiene

1. An Allied Headquarters shall, with the support of the Portuguese Republic, apply Portuguese regulations for the prevention and control of infectious diseases of humans, animals and plants and for prevention and control of plant pests.
2. The Portuguese Republic shall provide means and assistance in case of emergency situations involving local, national or international infectious diseases. An Allied Headquarters shall provide access to their facilities in accordance with Article 5 of the present Supplementary Agreement.
3. An Allied Headquarters and Portuguese authorities shall promptly inform each other of the outbreak or suspected outbreak, transmission and elimination of any infectious diseases and of the measures taken.
4. If an Allied Headquarters deems it necessary to take health protection measures within the facilities and premises made available for its use, it shall coordinate the execution of such means with the concerned Portuguese authorities.
5. The Portuguese regulations referred to above and any related information shall be provided to an Allied Headquarters by the concerned Portuguese authorities in the English or French languages.

Article 20 Evacuation of members and dependents

Subject to separate arrangements with the sending States in question, the States having assigned members to an Allied Headquarters shall, in case of emergency situations, be granted access to for the purpose of evacuating their personnel and dependents.