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74 | II Série A - Número: 103 | 29 de Abril de 2014

Article 21 Correspondence and communication

1. For the purposes of official communications and correspondence, an Allied Headquarters shall have unrestricted access to fixed line, mobile as well as satellite phone systems, internet services, telecommunication and any other information and communication services, to include radio and TV land and satellite services, and postal services in the Portuguese Republic, irrespective of whether the service is operated commercially or publicly.
2. An Allied Headquarters shall have access to the Portuguese Republic military communication, courier and postal services subject to an arrangement. 3. An Allied Headquarters and, in accordance with North Atlantic Council approved policy, NATO Standardisation Agreement 2109 and subsequent agreements, a Party to the North Atlantic Treaty may establish and operate, at their own expense, fixed line, mobile as well as satellite phone systems, internet services, postal and courier services, and any other communication and information system services in the Portuguese Republic for the official and private use of the Allied Headquarters and its members. 4. An Allied Headquarters shall be allowed to establish, operate and use classified and unclassified networks, systems and means of secure and cipher communication in the Portuguese Republic, as well as to conduct monitoring of those systems for security reasons and other authorised purposes.
5. As provided in the Agreement, Article XI, paragraph 3, any mail or communication of an Allied Headquarters marked or otherwise declared as official shall not be subject to any restrictions, inspection, delay, or other control by Portuguese authorities, unless the Allied Headquarters waived this immunity. 6. An Allied Headquarters shall be entitled to send and receive official correspondence and packages by courier or in sealed bags, and shall enjoy immunities and privileges accorded to diplomatic couriers and bags. 7. Official correspondence and packages of a sending State, represented at the Allied Headquarters, may be sent through national channels, where such are available, without Portuguese charges or any restrictions, inspection, delay, or other control. Article 22 Telecommunication

1. Subject to further arrangements with the appropriate Portuguese authorities regarding locations and technical details of equipment, an Allied Headquarters may import, establish, access, operate and maintain, on either a temporary or non-temporary basis, inside or outside the premises occupied by it, such telecommunications facilities and military radio stations as may be required for its operational functions, military training and exercises, emergencies or for morale and welfare purposes.
2. The Portuguese Republic shall remain responsible and liable for spectrum management. Frequencies to be used by an Allied Headquarters, together with their parameters, shall be established by an Allied Headquarters and the Portuguese authorities responsible for spectrum management in accordance with the procedures set up by the appropriate NATO authority. An Allied Headquarters and the Portuguese Republic shall take all necessary measures to avoid and eliminate harmful interference with each other’s and with civilian telecommunication services and electrical power facilities. Subject to prior coordination with the appropriate Portuguese authorities an Allied Headquarters may employ necessary security measures to protect Allied Headquarters communications in the Portuguese Republic for reasons of security and force protection. 3. Telecommunication facilities and military radio stations shall be used exclusively for official purposes in accordance with the paragraph above.
4. Applications regarding wire telephone and telegraph/data systems and circuits shall be submitted in accordance with the procedures established by the correspondent NATO authority. 5. The criteria, regulations and rates for work and services of the telecommunications operators and regulators, including frequency spectrum pricing, shall not be less favourable than those applied to the Portuguese Armed Forces.
6. In establishing and operating telecommunications facilities, an Allied Headquarters shall apply the provisions approved by the International Telecommunications Union and any other international or regional