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enable the request to be dealt with, that Party may request that additional information be furnished. Pending the receipt of additional information, the requested

State shall take such appropriate provisional measures as are permitted by its law.

4 — A request shall be made in writing. In urgent circumstances or where otherwise permitted by the requested State, a request may be made orally but shall be confirmed in writing promptly thereafter.

Article 12 Central authorities

1 — Central authorities shall transmit and receive all requests and responses thereto for the purposes of this Treaty. The central authority for Canada shall be the Minister of Justice or an official designated by that Minister; the central authority for Portugal shall be the Minister of Justice or an official designated by that Minister.

2 — The central authorities shall communicate directly.

3 — The preceding paragraphs do not affect assistance provided through the facilities of INTERPOL.

Article 13

Limitation of use and confidentiality

1 — The requested State may require, after consultation with the requesting State, that information or evidence furnished or the source of such information or evidence be kept confidential or be disclosed or used only subject to such terms and conditions as it may specify.

2 — The requesting State shall not disclose or use information or evidence furnished for purposes other than those stated in the request without the prior consent of the central authority of the requested State.

3 — The requested State shall to the extent requested keep confidential a request, its contents, supporting documents and any action taken pursuant to the request except to the extent necessary to execute it or where the disclosure is specifically authorized by the requesting State in accordance with any terms and conditions it may specify.

4 — Subject to paragraph 3 of this article, if the request cannot be executed without breaching the confidentiality requirements stated in the request, the requested State shall so inform the requesting State which shall then determine the extent to which it wishes the request to be executed.

Article 14 Authentication

Evidence or documents transmitted pursuant to this Treaty shall not require any form of authentication, save as is specified in article 4.

Article 15 Language

Requests for mutual assistance and supporting documents relating thereto shall be accompanied by a.trans-lation into one of the official languages of the requested State.

Article 16


1 — The requested State shall meet the cost of executing the request for assistance, except that the requesting State shall bear:

a) The expenses associated with conveying any person to or from the territory of the requested

State at the request of the requesting State, and any allowance or expenses payable to that person while in the requesting State pursuant to a request under articles 7 or 8 of this Treaty;

b) The expenses and fees of experts either in the requested State or the requesting State;

c) The expenses associated with conveying custodial or escorting officers.

2 — If it becomes apparent that the execution of the request requires expenses of an extraordinary nature, the Contracting States shall consult to determine the terms and conditions under which the requested assistance can be provided.

PART IV Final provisions

Article 17 Other assistance

This Treaty shall not derogate from obligations subsisting between the Contracting States whether pursuant to other treaties, arrangements or otherwise, or prevent the Contracting States from providing or continuing to provide assistance to each other pursuant to other treaties, arrangements or otherwise.

Article 18 Consultations

Any issue arising out of the application and interpretation of this Treaty shall be resolved by consultation between the Contracting States.

Article 19 Entry into force and termination

1 — Each State shall notify the other of the completion of the procedures required for this Treaty to come into force.

2 — This Treaty shall enter into force on the first day of the second month following the day on which the last notice was received.

3 — This Treaty shall apply to any territory under the administration of the Republic of Portugal thirty days after the date of notification by the Republic of Portugal to Canada that the constitutional requirements for the entry into force of the Treaty in relation to that territory have been complied with.

4 — Either State may terminate this Treaty at any time by giving the other State notice of termination. Termination shall take effect six months from the date of the receipt of the notification.